A complete Travel Guide on Punakha Longest Suspension Bridge, Bhutan

A complete Travel Guide on Punakha Longest Suspension Bridge, Bhutan

Passing a mountain stream on an old suspension bridge in the midair can be an adventuresome task for some people and, if you want to experience the thrill of walking on these old bridges, Punakha suspension bridge in the Punakha valley is the right place for you. It has now become one of the famous tourist spots.

Punakha Suspension Bridge 160 meters is one of the longest and oldest suspension bridges in the scenically blessed Kingdom of Bhutan. The bridge also joins to the nearby villages. This 160 meter suspension bridge is the longest bridge in Bhutan.

It is an adventurous experience to go on the bridge. The floor of the bridge is made of metal bars, where the river below can be easily seen.

You can have a lovely view of Pho Chou’s flow. You will feel the bridge is swinging when you cover a certain distance of the bridge.

At the other end of the bridge, there is a beautiful paddy field, and there is a shop where you can enjoy some snacks and drinks.

To the center, the bridge becomes shaky and hair-raising, and you’ll have some of the tourists to make it even more frightening and bouncer. Keep your phones firm, there’s a great chance you’ll drop it. But make sure you cross to the end and bring it back.

It’s a worthy adventure so go forward and gain a wonderful experience.

Punakha Bridge

Best time to visit Punakha Suspension Bridge

 Punakha experience moderate climate throughout the year. The preferred months for visiting Punakha are February to April and October to December. It is a sensible choice to avoid this valley during the rainy season because flash floods are a common sight.

Point of Interest near Punakha, Old suspension Bridge

Punakha Dzong

Punakha Dzong

Khamsum Yulley Namgyal

Chimi Lhakhang Temple

How to reach Punakha Suspension Bridge?

Punakha doesn’t own an airport. Visitors must travel by road from Thimphu through Dochula, which takes 2 hours of travel time. You can choose to travel from Paro, which is 110 km through Thimphu.

The pleasant river, Po Chu and the thrilling suspension bridge can be found 5-7 kilometers north of Punakha. Punakha Suspension Bridge is a 0.5 km walk from the car parking area, and the bridge would take about 15 minutes to cross.

For the people who are looking for thrilling experience with beautiful scenery, these vacations plan your trip to Punakha Suspension Bridge, Bhutan.

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