Orchha-Travel Guide

Orchha-Travel Guide

Orchha is a small Historical town in Niwari District in the Madhya Pradesh state of India that is very close to another Historical city Jhansi in the Bundelkhand region. It is approximately 500kms away from India’s capital city Delhi and connected with both roads and railway. It is located at the bank of river Betwa and established by the King Rudra Pratap singh in 16th century.

Orchha Fort

You can come to Orchha according to your comfort like via Train, Bus, Own vehicle and Hired, air connectivity is not available here. The best way to come to Orchha is train because Jhansi, that is one of the biggest train junctions in India is close to Orchha hence you can take a train to Jhansi.


Once you come out of the station as you can see in the picture there is an Auto stand next to the station hence you can hire an Auto. Cab service like Ola is also available here otherwise if you don’t want to pay more to hire an Auto, sharing auto is also available here hence you can take an auto to the City Bus stand and from there sharing cab facility is available hence you can take cab.

If you are coming via own vehicle than from the City bus stand you have to take Jhansi-Allahabad Road here we have some images to guide you regarding road and its condition.

Orchha Points of Interest

Orchha Fort

River Point Cenotaph

Ram Lala Temple

Chaturbhuj Temple

Ram Lala Temple

Ram Lala temple Orchha was established by the then King Rudra Pratap Singh. It is the great Identification of Hinduism in the Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh.

According to the folks the structure of this temple is similar to the Ram Lala Temple in Ayodhya.

Opening time of this temple in morning is 7:00 am to 12:00 noon and in evening is 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Ram Raja Mandir Aarti daily held at the opening time in morning at 7:00 am and in the evening at 7:00 pm.

As you enter in the temple you will face a waiting queue in which various devotees are waiting for one glimpse of their 16 attributes owned Ayodhya based Lord Ram Chandra. Photography is strictly prohibited inside the temple. Lord Shiva’s black marble four head statue is another attraction of this temple

Main Entrance gate of Ram Raja temple premises

Each Side of the temple path is full with Prasad (offering of devotee to God) and as you enter from the main gate the whole premises is full with handmade ornaments and jewellery like bangles, bracelets etc. Prasad often contains Sweets, Coconut & Flowers.

The temple is adorned with some additional beautiful structures:-

Sharavan & Bhadon: These are two pillars standing Left side of the temple according to the myth these two pillars come together once a time in the year and get separate gradually.

Shravan & Bhando pillars

Chaturbhuj Temple

It is situated at the right side of the Ram Raja temple. It is also as old as the fort of the Orchha and built by Queen Ganesh Kunwar. This is dedicated to Hindu god Vishnu. It has very impressive art work at its ceiling and each side of the temple have big door shape ventilation that keep the temple cool in the days of 40 degree Celsius summer.

River Point

As we know that Orchha is situated at the bank of river Betwa that is shallow here. People can swim and enjoy its water flow. It is passed through rocks and has no permanent bridge. Despite a shallow condition of river no water adventure game spotted.

Betwa River

Its bank is adorned with few Cenotaphs those are built with Bundelkhand architecture in the memory for Kings Successors. If you watch the river from these Cenotaphs it looks most beautiful natural landscape.

Govt. also built a good space at the bank of the river to enjoy the natural scenery.

Orchha Fort

Orchha fort built by Raja Rudra Pratap singh in the 16th century. It is situated at a cliff that is surrounded with a trench that receives water from Betwa river. Fort is built with Bundelkhand architecture. The king was a hindu by religion hence you will find various hindu god paintings at its ceilings.

Ticket price and timing of the Visit – The given picture shows the timing and price information.

Raja Mahal

This palace was built by Raja Rudra Pratap Singh in 16th Century later on his successor Madhukar Shah gave some alteration. The palace is divided into two wings with 5 stories on three side and 4 stories on one side.

Darwar-E- Khas & Darwar-E-Am is the primary attraction because of its Ceiling painting that subject to Hinduism and life of Hindu God Vishnu and Ram.

The ceiling paintings show the legends of lord Vishnu and their various form. Each incarnation of Lord Vishnu had a defined target like as In Satyug he incarnated as Ram to Kill Ravana, in Dwaparyug he Incarnated as Krishna to make long time prisoned his the then Parents free from the jail of Cruel Kans later he became a very important part of Mahabharat.

There is a very famous story about the intension of Queen of Raja Palace. The Queen was adamant to build Ram raja Temple at such a location ,as she wakes up in the morning she must have a straight view of God from her window, here is a view of that window that belong to Queen’s bedroom.

Here you can see the direct view of Chaturbhuj temple that was earlier planned for Ram Raja temple but it was not done like that hence in the present time it is Chaturbhuj temple and Ram Raja Temple is adjacent to it.

Jahangir Mahal

According to common belief Jahangir Mahal was constructed for Jahangir reception by Veer Singh Deo (1). It is square in plan and consist 4 Bastions at each corner which ends in a ribbed dome at the top. There is a fountain in the middle of the courtyard and the water supplied directly from the Betwa river in it without any mechanical means, just through gravitational force.

The whole palace is surrounded with very ventilated balcony that keep the palace cool in the extreme summer days.

Check out the landscape of Betwa river from the back side of Jahangir Mahal

Sound & Light Show

The most beautiful offering of Orchha fort apart from its historical importance is its late night Sound and Light Show that start in late evening hours and has separate ticket price. The whole show defines the stories of Orchha historical importance and its Kings.

Sheesh Mahal

It is a Heritage Hotel in the premises of Fort that is enabled with all luxuries and excellent Bundelkhand cuisines. This is very good place in the heart of fort to stay and enjoy your trip. Its pricing is very affordable.

Sheesh Mahal Hotel


Orchha is very popular tourist destination and its historical importance make it very attractive place to stay here long and to make it a part of our life’s beautiful moments like as wedding, parties etc. If you want to be wedded in Orchha that is one of the best destination wedding spot in Madhya Pradesh you will find various banquet halls and marriage gardens throughout the way that offer you their best price to serve for you.  Sheesh Mahal Heritage hotel is very famous to organize Orchha fort wedding.

Cost of destination wedding in Orchha is depend on your choice of hall and other parameters but it won’t seem to be very expensive like Udaipur and Jaipur.

Hotels and Stay in Orchha

Orchha is  one of very popular tourist destination listed in Indian govt. tourist list, lakhs of tourist come here every year hence it has a good potential for hotel industries this is the reason a lots of Hotel, resorts are available here. As you come out of the Ram raja temple you will find various small restaurants are available along the way.

Azadpura – Just 3 Kms before from Orchha there is another famous place that is considered as a hideout of Revolutionary Chandra Shekhar Azad during the time of British reign. It’s a village now and a park is made by local administration in the memory of Chandra Shekhar Azad at the same spot.


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