What are the popular adventures activities to do in India?

What are the popular adventures activities to do in India?

India has an abundance of adventure activities in all the directions be it a Rafting, Scuba Diving, Parasailing and much more. This season adventure lovers pack your bags and get ready to feel the thrilling adventure rides.

Want to feel like a bird then try this thrilling skydiving in Mysore. This adventure has gained public eye, especially among youths.

It’s a must for everyone who seeks adventure and pleasure because of its 10,000 feet above ground level free fall.

 When you jump from the plane at this height, the physical experience will last only 6,000 feet before the parachute is opened by your instructor, but only a few minutes will change your life. You will cherish those minutes forever

No need to worry, you will be trained by the experienced trainer till the time you are eligible for free fall.

Charges – You will be charged INR 35000 / including taxes, and the video footage is complimentary.

Want to discover the mystery of underwater marine life? This vacation plan your adventure trip for Goa. Enjoy stroll under the sea that too in a safe environment with trained and certified staff accompanying throughout the trip.

Experience underwater walking in The Baina beach in Mormugao and duration of the trip is 1 hour.

Charges – It is INR 2175 per person.

If you want to feel the underwater adventure then, go for Malvan Scuba Diving. It offers a superb underwater view for scuba diving near Sindhudurg fort as well as near Tsunami Island of Tarkali.

The Malvan scuba diving season begins at the beginning of September and goes up until the end of May.

Charges – Starts at Rs.2500/- per person pick  & drop, Food, photography, and video.

Heli-skiing is an adventurous, exciting and fun version of regular skiing, which involves a helicopter ride to higher altitudes, which are usually not accessible on the road or on foot.

The top spot on the list of ski destinations in Heli in India is Hanuman Tibba in Manali, Himachal Pradesh. Not only is this place extremely beautiful, but it is also home to the ideal ” powder snow ” for Heli-skiing, which is better than anywhere else.

Winter and spring are the most popular seasons though skiing can be enjoyed all year round in Hanuman Tibba

Float in the middle of the air as long as you parasail on the beach of Payyambalam. Get a splendid view of the Arabian Sea’s turquoise expanse, the beautiful Payyambalam coastline, and the amazing coconut grove landscape.

The 5-minute activity can be carried out between 10 am and 5 pm at any time.

Charges – INR 650 per adult

This majestic mountain is in the Biosphere Reserve of Pachmarhi. The mountains of Satpura offer terrain for adventure activities, including climbing. There are various terrains where you can climb the rock.

For this activity, wear light and comfortable clothes.

Rishikesh is not only a famous religious place but also a land of thrilling adventures. Bungee Jumping is an activity involving jumping from a high structure while connected to a large elastic rod. The tall structure is usually a fixed object, such as a building, bridge or crane. It is also possible to jump from a mobile object, such as a hot air balloon or a helicopter, which can float above the ground.

Charges – The Rishikesh Bungee jumping fee is INR 3550 per person. There are also two combos: Bungy Jump+Giant Swing for INR 6500 per person or Bungy Jump+Flying Fox+Giant Swing for INR 8250 per person.

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