7 Best travel tips for backpackers

7 Best travel tips for backpackers

Are you a backpacker? Seeking for travel tips for your future travel plans. Plan your incredible backpacker’s tour by following these tips listed below

Learn about the backpacking country

It is important to gain a basic understanding of the history and culture where you are planning to go for backpacking. The more you know a place, the more you can enjoy and appreciate it. Knowing your destination can also help you break down barriers to local people. If you are genuinely interested in their country, they will open up to you more likely.

Right Backpack

Most backpacks are 25 to 85 liters long. This range is enormous. Smaller bags starting at 25L are perfect for day packages. They work well if you only carry a few items, such as a light jacket, book or camera, which you need to keep handy. If you are a light packer, you can also use twenty-five-liter bags for short weekend trips. Very large bags, 65L and up, can be used for long walks. These bags work well outdoors when you wear clothes and camping gear for several days.

Quality packing but not overpacking

Well, touring with the overloaded bag can be annoying for backpackers. Instead of packaging multiple medium-quality items, invest in multifunctional material and clothing which would be useful in all weathers.

Also, traveling with a heavy wet towel can be irritating. Always go for a light weighted and quick drying travel towel. You can get the same from Amazon.

Book flight in advance

No wonder booking flight in advance can save you from overspending. Also booking flights on certain days of the week, you can avail good discounts.

Some of the website offering cheap flights tickets are Skyscanner, Hotwire, Expedia, and Kayak etc.


This is one of the most significant travel tips. Listing here some of the important things for backpackers.

Carry an insulated travel bottle which will restrict you to buy a plastic bottle every time that adds to water pollution. You can refill your water bottle from the places where you find water cooler.

Ziploc bags can be very useful at a time when you can keep your dirty or wet clothes separately without spoiling your clean clothes.

Book hostel with the cooking area

Camping isn’t everyone cup of tea. You may not be able to bring all the equipment you would need, or you may want the comfort of a bed. Try one of the hundreds of friendly backpackers’ hostels in the world. The best ones have free breakfasts or a shared kitchen with cooking facilities. Daily food from restaurants not only makes you sick but also you end up in spending tonnes of money over a long trip.

Medications and First aid kit

Another relevant travel tip to take care is to carry all necessary medicines like for fever, stomachache, headache, and loose motion apart from your everyday medicines of any chronic disease you might be facing.

 By carrying a handy first aid kit, you will have everything you need to handle minor incidents without relying on others. Which of the tip did you find useful? Don’t forget to share here.

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